"This is by far the best reiki course I have ever followed. During the attunements I feel as though I could see my mind's eye and that I am being lifted by wings made of pure energy. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for creating a system that is easy for me to understand and follow.

I definitely feel much more energized when performing attunements. I have been studying Reiki for a few years and have been certified up to Reiki Level 2. I am looking forward to getting my Masters Certification. I now feel like it is only a step away thanks to your online course."


"I just want to let you know how grateful I am that I found your Reiki program. I had previously sat for reiki classes and was ecstatic to see that you offered the same online. The latter was full of useful information that was laid out magnificently. I did not know how appropriate an online course would be to learn reiki but you proved it to be worth every penny. I would recommend your program to everyone! "


"Usui Reiki Healing Master gave me the attunement and enlightenment I was looking for - FAST.
Thanks for creating a system that is not only easy to follow but also effective. I have suggested it again and again to my friends who were interested in Reiki. I am sure that they will be just as satisfied as I am "

"About a month ago I have received an attunement. I felt as though we had a true connection that day and was aware that you knew how appreciative I was at that time. I wanted to send a follow-up message to inform you that my Reiki abilities have grown exceptionally because of your program.

In my opinion Reiki is the ultimate life healing force. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to be able to better channel the energy I needed in my life. I would highly recommend your system to anyone who needs to get control of things in their life. "

"A few of my friends were diehard believers in Reiki but I was not. I thought it was a complete and total crock because they explained it in a fashion that made it seem very ridiculous. I decided to look into it for myself to see if I could learn anything about it that they were not telling me. As a result, I am now an avid believer and have found my attunements to be amazing. I find myself trying to explain Reiki to everyone that I meet. I often just tell them to take a look at your course because everything is explained so well. Thanks for making a quality product that is truly changing lives, including mine."
--William Smith

"After learning Reiki Level 1 I knew that I could not stop there. I was lucky enough to find your system and am so glad I did. I was able to quickly master all the different sides of Reiki. I got exactly what I needed from it without spending an arm and a leg to sit for the usual Reiki classes. You truly made a world of difference in my life. "

"I never thought that internal enlightenment could be so beneficial to my daily life. I took your Reiki course with great disbelief and much skepticism because I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Fortunately, I was able to learn more from your system than I did when I sat for the classes at a Reiki school. I will definitely be more open to new things because of the impact that your course has had on my life. I want to shout from the rooftops that everyone should give your Usui Reiki Healing Master system a try if they want to fill their life with joy and inner peace. "

"I have been a long time sufferer of many health conditions. I had to take so many different medications on a daily basis that it actually got difficult for me to keep up with which one to take when. A friend of mine introduced me to Reiki. I was instantly hooked on the way that it made me feel. I have finished my Reiki 1 and 2. I invested in your course because I was interested in being able to learn more about Reiki without having to go to a school. I had a few questions along the way and was able to email you and get back a quick response. Admindo"

* Testimonials Published With Client Permission.
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